Transquimica is a French company that serves businesses of APC, a leading provider of potassium chloride, present in Europe since 1985.. Helipotasse


http://www.tessenderlo.comTessenderlo Group is a Belgian group, specializes in solutions in agriculture, water management, and efficient re-use of natural resources..Tessenderlo Group Chigo Air Conditioning Co. Ltd is a Chinese company that is engaged in, manufacturing and marketing of air conditioning systems. Chigo Group



http://eu.harrisproductsgroup.comThe Harris Products Groupis is a leader in the manufacture of industrial products. gases in the area of ​​both strong and soft solder. Harris Group


http://www.bvaoils.comBVA, Inc. is a marketing company and development of products targeted primarily to refrigeration, auto a / c, mosquito control and agricultural industry. BVA Inc.





  • Chemicals for Agriculture, Mining, and Industry.


    Transquimica Co. Ltd. sold its Belgian Tessenderlo Chemie represented, soluble potassium sulfate, and grading standard to serve the market of physical mixtures, edaphic and fertigation application, and its represented Heliopotasse of France, soluble fertilizers for application in systems fertigation sold in Equator, Colombia and Venezuela.

  • Refrigerants

    Transquimica Co Ltd offers a refrigerant gas division, who maintain a profile of environmental care and ecological requirements according to the current world.
    Over 29 years of service to the Ecuadorians have witnessed the evolution and improvement of refrigeration products imported into the country the most advanced products we know today as HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) and HC (hydrocarbons
  • Air Conditioning equipment and systems

    Transquimica Co. Ltd. has a large air conditioning division, through which markets the products of Chigo Group, a leading Asian company specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of household air conditioners and commercial and traditional models inverter.
    Also imports and markets the brand solder Harris, AtlasCool compressors, compressor oils and static automotive brand BVA, engines and copper plumbing Quality brand among others.